Saturday, April 16, 2016

space and time

It's 8.30 p.m. and there are not enough words to describe the blues of the sky right now - indigo, pale grey, French blue, Dutch blue, powder blue, a touch of pink, dark glowering clouds, all reflected in the sea. 
Earlier, I went for a walk.
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Woman sketching, paddle boarders - and you can't see the herons, stalking from the rocks, waiting.
The usual pile-up of B.C. cedar on the beaches
Sigh. Could I please bring a bit of this back home, please?

Just want to clarify something - we did nearly an hour of the 3 hour meditation today as a walking meditation, back and forth silently and slowly. And for the sitting part, I and one other person sat in chairs while the others sat on the floor. But I did not feel uncomfortable - just relished that space deep inside. And this evening, the space outside. Lots of space here in Vancouver.

But I got 5 hours sleep last night and will soon topple over.

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