Tuesday, March 5, 2019

coming into the closet

People have been asking for photos of the rental spaces, so I will post a few of the basement suite, though not of the top floor yet because it's a work in progress.

But first - today's triumph, as the snow continues to fall: the walk-in closet is nearly done.

Not a double row - the shelves are reflected in the mirror. All done with found materials - the supports are doors, cut into pieces, and the shelves were from Ikea found at ReStore; designed by JM, built by Kevin. Lots of room for shoes! It's a dream. I had a narrow walk-in closet in childhood that I used to hide in and play with dolls. I may do the same here.

Met for two hours this morning with a fantastically interesting woman who wants me to be her writing coach. Inspiring. This afternoon, a Skype (or rather Zoom, which is what we use now) meeting about the Creative Nonfiction Conference. We needed funds for a particular project, I wrote to friends in Vancouver, and the other day, the David Suzuki Institute offered to sponsor us with $1000. A huge help.

Somehow, I'm getting through this stressful time - a long hard reno and a long hard winter simultaneously. With the help of the Y and a lot of soup and of course family and friends and books and the internet, the woman is alive and even, occasionally, perky.

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