Friday, March 1, 2019

Leah McLaren in the Guardian

Ran into a friend at the Y, who said as a lawyer she finds the timing of JRW's testimony suspect and thinks it's payback. Who knows? My friend thinks Scheer will win the next election, and so will Trump. Made me want to slit my wrists. I do not believe it. 
So it's nice to read McLaren's article with its hopeful ending, except for the very last bit.
... So it’s been a bad week for Canadian Liberals, and indeed for “small l” liberals everywhere. For those of us who earnestly and passionately believed in Trudeau’s project (*slowly raises hand*), his moral disgrace is a bitter pill to swallow. The leader we believed to be special and unique has seemingly behaved in ways that reveal him to be probably not all that. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Except for the fact the old boss – Stephen Harper – ruled the country for nearly a decade like a vindictive autocrat, stonewalling the press, overhauling the elections act to his benefit, ignoring climate change and proroguing parliament at a whim. Not that this excuses Trudeau, of course.
There’s no need for despair quite yet – even with the social media outrage. It’s important to remember that Trudeau’s scandal does not cancel out the importance of his government’s project. With any luck a majority of Canadians remain unshaken in the values of liberal democracy, fair governance and the international rules-based order. Come September, my country will, I hope, find a way to persist in its sunny ways and set a clear moral example in this fractious, uncertain world.
The message is still good and clear and true. Too bad about the chap in charge of selling it.

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