Saturday, March 9, 2019

Why Quebecers are unimpressed by the "scandal"

Hooray! Blog-reader Anne has just sent me an article I think is the most balanced overview of this whole tempest, saying beautifully and with humour what I've been feeling from the start: WTF? I am now proud to deem myself an honourary Quebecer. If there's little traffic, I NEVER wait for the light to change before crossing. 

And now time to move on.

It's a gorgeous day - warm sun on the melting snow. There's hope for spring; tomorrow will be even warmer. I went out in sneakers! Sun is pouring into my second floor, which is still rubble and sawdust and giant pieces of sawing equipment, but there's hope there too. Today I am moving my clothes, which have been scattered and crammed into corners all over the house, into my closet, the only new room that's finished, so I can free other other spaces for the guys. In 18 or so days, I fly off to Europe, and two women will be living here. We need to finish, and we have a long way to go.

JM is flying off tomorrow, so came to take a last look at his creation. I have so much to be grateful to him for. We had our issues, we certainly did, but came through it as friends who know a great deal more about each other now.
It's Saturday. Time to sit in the sun and breathe in the hyacinths.

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