Saturday, March 16, 2019

the sound of painting

The big news is that an hour ago I unearthed one of my deck chairs and sat outside for a bit in the sun. The first time in months. And then a few tiny snowflakes tumbled down.

Very busy here today: Joe and Nabil painting upstairs, Dan painting in the dining room, where the termite damage was. The sound of rollers, the smell of a fresh clean house. I gather some blog-readers have enjoyed following my journey into renovation hell and heaven, so here are a few pix.
Click to enlarge.
 Wayson struggling with a fancy light fixture JM and I got on a remainder table. Now, not quite sure it'll work or how to put it together. Glittery maple leaves? Hmmm. We'll see.
The corner of Parliament and Gerrard - they've completely smashed the building there.
 The spare room, that I will now be calling the Provence or Matisse room. Matisse yellow. The sunroom, for guests!
 The dining room today.
The spare room today - everything from the third floor, where everything from the second floor had been stored, moved back down. Do you recognize those eyes in the middle? My Macca poster from 1964.

Late this afternoon I am having dinner with Anna and the boys and then taking Ben to see Paw Patrol Live, as I did Eli a few years ago. Oh the thrilling life of a Glamma.

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