Sunday, March 3, 2019

FOR RENT: both basement suite and newly-renovated top floor room

Hooray - just what we need - more snow! But got to admit, even after all this, it's pretty, especially in my 'hood. This is Craig and Joe's yard with its vast chestnut tree.
All quiet on the eastern front - the weekend, no men tromping about. Plans for next week: trim, staircase, closet, top floor. Time's flying; I leave in 3 weeks for 3 weeks in Europe, my long-planned escape from winter. And while I'm gone, two women will be renting rooms here. The place has to be habitable.

Speaking of which: two rentals to announce again. Please share widely.

Quiet tenants wanted. Ideal location very near TTC, shops, downtown, Ryerson, and U of T. Fairly nice landlady, on a good day. 

One bedroom basement suite available as of May 1 or May 15 (depending on how long it takes me to get it painted...) Furnished with private entrance, full-sized kitchen, washer/dryer, wifi, cable TV, and use of the back part of a pretty spectacular garden, if I say so myself. $1600. 

A bargain, I've been told.

AND: Beautiful, bright third floor attic room for rent for short term stays, four day minimum (except for friends): newly-renovated and painted, furnished, queen-sized bed, TV, desk, skylight, kitchenette, two-piece bathroom with use of shower. $750 a month, $225 a week, $40 a day.

Again, I've been told I can charge much more. Guests coming for a week? Visitors to Toronto? This might be the place.

Please pass it on. Nice landlady really needs to start paying off renovation expenses. Just sayin'.

Wayson coming for dinner - we'll watch a bit of the doc about Michael Jackson, though it might be too depressing. First, this aft, a recap meeting about the Christmas pageant. Yes, in beautiful downtown Cabbagetown, it's always Christmas.


  1. Hi Beth, are there any photos of the basement apartment that you could share?

  2. Yes, can do, Lynda. I'm also considering a slight change in price point, because a friend yelled at me that the prices were too low. If they go up, it'd be only slightly.