Friday, February 21, 2014

all my loving

This is my cat's last day on earth. She has had it - I think the giant lump on her foot hurts her now, she limps and washes it a lot, especially, of course, when it bleeds, and she is extremely thin, I can feel the knobs of her backbone when I stroke her. We've had special times this last while - I brush her every night, last thing; she loves that and even purrs. Sometimes.

This morning, she jumped onto the chair beside me, as usual, and sat while I stroked her, both of us gazing out the window. But then instead of getting back on her sofa, where she has spent the last dozen years, she went into the living room and curled up right in the spot where I sit to watch television. She has never done that before.

Cats know.

My daughter is coming so we can cry together. But it will be a relief too, for this poor old beautiful cat and for her poor old mama.


  1. A sad time for you -- but a compassionate thing to do. Blessings.

  2. Thank you, dear friends. I'm thinking of my lifetime's worth of cats, from grey Dido in early childhood (my father named all our cats after gods and historical figures) to Miranda, my cat in my twenties, named after a character in a play I was in, to Snoozie, our family pet, named by the kids. Cats are a blessing. We are lucky they deign to live with us.

  3. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow - so glad Anna will be there. You may have to start the wine earlier in the day than you normally would.
    Love, Lani