Monday, February 3, 2014

Shaena Lambert and today's Facts and Arguments

My friend from our days in the Creative Writing department at UBC, Shaena Lambert, has been nominated for a Bookie award for Best Book of the Year for her stellar short story collection, "Oh, My Darling." If you trust me, you'll believe me when I tell you that Shaena is a skilful, thoughtful and very moving writer. I would NEVER urge you to vote for a book you have not read, but I do urge you to read it between now and Feb. 5, when voting closes, and then I'm sure you'll vote for it.

Today's Facts and Arguments in the Globe and Mail is by Chetana Panwar, a student in last term's Life Stories class at U of T. She wrote such an interesting story in class about her children's mixed background that we suggested she do a bit of work on it and send it to the Globe. And … voila.

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