Sunday, February 16, 2014

throwing up

I'm sorry to do this to you - sorry that the image that follows is so nasty - but I had to comment.

Here's the fine president of Mexico with Il Presidente de Canada. Look at the expression on his face, our guy. Our Prime Minister. Ye Gods, save us. Long piece today on CBC's "The Sunday Edition" on how Canada's place in the world has become completely debased. And here's why - arrogance, dishonesty and paranoia.

I was just sitting listening to 96.1, the classical channel - a Mozart clarinet concerto, divine - when it ended and suddenly a soft female voice was expressing dismay at Justin Trudeau's proposal to legalize marijuana, exposing her poor kids to all kinds of evil. A vile Conservative attack ad, the wolves baying for blood, long before an election.

I got up, turned to CBC, logged onto the 96.1 website and sent them a note telling them how disgusted I am and that I will never listen to their channel again. Makes me almost physically sick - Mozart, followed by shit. Spare us.


  1. Beth! crazy, in my home across the city from yours, Queen West, I too leapt up & zapped that stupid low-brow ad, as soon as I realized what it was about...
    & switched to CBC, where I mostly land, but do love some good classical music of someone else's choosing as I work.
    hmmm, cheers, norma

  2. Yes, me too, Norma, but now it's not worth the risk that I'll fall into a vat of poison. So I'll put on CD's or listen to CBC. Perhaps they'll stop running the ads. Though I doubt it. Good to hear from you!