Saturday, February 22, 2014


RIP - Mewmew, 2000 (?) - 2014. The vet, it turned out, was a Russian Jew very interested in my book, so I gave him a copy. He was gentle, gave her a sedative, went away so Anna and I could weep and say goodbye as she fell asleep. Then he administered the final drug. She died peacefully in my arms.

Here's what Sam wrote on Facebook:

If you've been to my moms house in the past decade..ish, then you've met 'Mew Mew'. A ferocious cat-beast, that ruled with an iron paw. She died today. It was time. That cat was a jerk, but I'll miss her all the same.

And here's what Anna wrote on Facebook:

It is with heavy heart I announce the passing of my beautiful and ferocious mewmew. She died with dignity in her grandma's arms. I'll miss your face always. Xoxo

And now all her stuff will go across town to the new cat, Nan, at Anna's house. Miss Mew had a long and very happy life, a blessed life. Farewell. 

Yesterday, sitting in my place on the sofa. 

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