Saturday, February 22, 2014

Macca in Montpelllier

Friend Lynn actually went out into the night to stand with the crowd in front of the building where Linda McCartney's photography retrospective was opening - and Macca was there, with his daughter Mary and grandson Arthur. She went for me. And there he is. You saw it here first! What good friends I have. 

And now, to go stroke my cat - carefully. Last night, I was giving her the nightly brush, our quiet time together, when she hissed and turned to slash me one last time. I'm grateful to her for doing that. for reminding me of years of bleeding cuts. It'll help me not to get too sentimental this morning. The vet comes in an hour. 


  1. I can't find Paul in the photo but what a lovely thing for Lyn to have done. And sorry for your loss. Maybe your next cat will be nicer to you.
    Love, Lani

  2. My next cat had damn well better be nicer to me! Paul is the lone figure off to the right-ish, in front of the pillar, waving. I guess even in Montpellier, France, the hoards of fans have to be kept back.