Thursday, February 6, 2014

more snow

Flying out tonight - I hope, if the weather cooperates - to balmy Ottawa (currently minus 15) to visit Auntie Do. This winter is especially hard on the elderly, who are trapped, so I'm there to drive her around and do errands and keep her company. On Saturday, Anna and Eli are coming in for a quick visit, and we'll all spend time with my brother's family in the Gatineau. Ah, famdamly, can't live without 'em.

I'd rather be flying to the Bahamas, but you can't have everything. Or at least, I'd like to be going somewhere with the internet. I'll have to find a cafe and check in - I go crazy without it. Hi my name is Beth and I'm a netaholic.

Was downtown yesterday, happened upon the Sears at the Eaton's Centre, which is closing. What a desolate sight in the blizzard - a nearly empty store, even the fixtures up for grabs, piles of junk on sale at the other end.

Another major snowfall yesterday, very beautiful, very inconvenient. This is my yard.

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