Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's bakers

Today, I will be celebrating, not Valentine's Day, but the return of my stomach. (Unfortunately, my son is still losing his.) And the return of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes, who returned to TV last night in stellar fashion.

For those of you who do celebrate this maudlin festival, I give you a picture that brings me the greatest joy. This is Eli and his dad Thomas making Valentine's Day brownies for Anna.

And here's a picture of me and Paul McCartney drawn, well, traced, in 1964. I added the tears and the long hair and the I.D. bracelets, big at the time. His says Paul and mine says BK, in case we forgot who we were. Paul was a really good kisser. Amazing he plays the guitar and piano so well with such small claw-like hands.

Happy Valentine's Day to all sweethearts, real and imaginary, everywhere!

Don't know how to copy a video, but if you paste this, you'll see Macca at work long long ago.  With love from me to you.

Rare McCartney Footage Makes Being a Musical Genius Look Ridiculously Easy
Paul's off-the-cuff performance of a Beatles' gem shows how he cannot not be great

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