Tuesday, February 11, 2014

To hell with it!

Just looked up "stomach flu" on blessed Google, and found out that there is no such thing. It's "gastroenteritis." That reminds me of the famous New Yorker cartoon of a young girl facing a plate of vegetables. "It's broccoli, dear," says her mother.
"I say it's spinach," says the girl, "and I say to hell with it!"

And that is how I feel about gastroenteritis. Where the hell did it come from? My stomach is usually made of cast iron. I had a busy day, went to bed, and whammo, erupting on all fronts. It reminded me of that time in India, in Pushkar when I ate something I should not have and paid the painful price.

No sleep. Cancelled the U of T class today - which is fine, it turns out, because almost all of them are sick too.

This may be the perfect day to lie on the sofa and watch the Olympics.


  1. Poor you, sorry to hear about your cat, that's a tough decision to make.
    We had the dreaded sickness bug before Christmas, a gift from the twins bless 'em, it was a scourge and lasted for four days, called the Norvo virus over here.....won't tell you what we called it! Hope you recover quickly, it's devious though, you feel slightly better, have something to eat then it starts again. Be warned! Carole

  2. Have managed one piece of toast today and have sent my son out to buy bananas. I think I'll live on bananas. Thank you for the warning, Carole.