Sunday, February 9, 2014


Four generations at the Village Café in Ottawa this morning - Do will be 94 in April, I will be 64 in August, Eli will be 2 in May and two weeks before, his mother will be - can it be? - 33. We were having brunch with my brother's partner and son after going to their place in Chelsea for dinner last night. Well well well worth the trek through the snow.

That little bowl of peanut butter and jam in front of us - well, after a large breakfast, Eli was still hungry and I fed him three little packets of peanut butter with a spoon. He would have eaten a fourth but we had to go. Peanut butter, my favourite food, is forever. Glad that faithfulness goes on into the next generation.


  1. Do looks great, Beth, as do the rest of you.

  2. She's amazing, isn't she? Nearly ninety-four!