Sunday, August 18, 2013

Domingo in SMA

 A serious lust for bougainvillea has seized me. Next summer, I'm going to give some a try. They're too beautiful not to.
 We looked around the luxury Hotel Rosewood - how the 1% lives, private cabanas at the back to retire to after a swim or soak (there are about four pools). On the left are two staff tending to two very young women in bikinis. Annie said, "It would make me physically sick to stay in a place like this."
 We went to meet our host Jim who sings in the Anglican choir. Here's the Anglican congregation of SMA after the service, eating doughnuts and drinking coffee under the trees.
 Lunch with new friends Ernie, Jim, and Barbara.
 Lunch. Our waitress made the tomato salsa at the bottom left at the table, with a mortar and pestle and grilled tomatoes. The green things are nopales - cactus leaves. The rest is grilled meat and fish that we rolled into fresh tortillas.
Another hideous crowded street.

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