Tuesday, August 20, 2013


 My outdoor office in the courtyard of the Casa Gonzales
 Modern Mexico City from the Turibus
 Lovely old Mexico City, ditto
 La Plaza de la Constitucion this morning - teachers on strike had camped out overnight
 I could not get through to the Palacio Nacional to see the Diego Rivera murals - and then heard it was closed in any case. Many, many police, hundreds of tents, chaos. School started yesterday.
 The French influence here - this sweet shop could be in Paris.
 There is lots of wonderful street sculpture here, including many benches. This is one.
 The Palacio Belles Artes has a baroque exterior but inside is magnificently deco, marble and brass.
 The elevator doors.
 A café. Can you see the type at the top right?
The exterior.
 Calendars on sale at a news stand on the street.
Along many streets are not just fruit and juice vendors but entire mini-kitchens. This is just outside the hotel.

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