Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last night in Mexico

 He arrived in the little restaurant where we were having lunch and began to play "Yesterday", singing the words phonetically, and then played more Beatles and a few other hits. He calls himself Elvis. I had to give him some money. Yesterday!
 The market was overwhelming. There was such an array of stuff that I bought almost nothing - a shawl. And this is just one little stall in one little market. I'll have to come back.
The cat guarding the virgin.
 It was a huge relief to walk in Viveros Park, filled with cedars and sweet air.
 The yellow restaurant where we had dinner in Coyoacan, overlooking a quiet square. It's a great residential part of the city, filled with artists and young people.
Out of order - Annie in the market.
 MMMM! Margaritas, at last, divine. And Annie's new Mexican ring.
The very long subway ride home. Some stations at night have a cordoned off section for women. This is one, taken quickly as the train came in.

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