Monday, August 26, 2013

love that rain

Heaven - it's dark at 10 a.m. and pouring with rain. Great for the garden, and great for the writer who is not tempted by the sun. I missed Buskerfest this weekend, a free music festival on Bloor, have not been to Stratford, have not yet seen "Angels in America" or the new Woody Allen. Just sitting here.

Did, however, take yesterday afternoon off for a barbecue with my extended family - my brother and his wife and son were visiting, and we all went to Anna's. It was a good thing the sun was out and she has a big kid-friendly yard, as there were 4 restless, energetic boys - her son, who's 15 months old, my brother's son, who's 6, my son, who's 29, and my mother's son, who's nearly 60. All needing balls to throw and water to squirt and many, many hamburgers. It was grand.

A brief quiet moment between uncle and nephew.

Sunday morning, I also met a professor from the Department of Jewish Studies at York University, who came down all this way to pick up two large boxes of books. I have finally given away almost all the books I used for research on my Gordin tome. It was hard to see them go, but I hope they'll be useful to a new group of scholars.

And ... last night, the second last episode of "Broadchurch." So exciting! I'd gone on-line and filled in the blanks for the 3 I missed. Such a good show. Before that, watched a few minutes of a truly ghastly show - the MTV awards. Happened to turn it on as Miley Cyrus came on in a bathing suit, bumping and grinding, rubbing her crotch with a giant hand and then ripping off even more of her already nearly invisible costume - I was appalled. What is this world coming to? Do I sound old?

Today's paradise - working, eating, and watching the thrilling finale of "Broadchurch" at 10. A great day for a simple woman with simple tastes.

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