Friday, August 9, 2013

best mostly American creative non-fiction writers

An online magazine has made a fantastic, very comprehensive list of the best female creative non-fiction writers and their work. At least - the best American CNF writers. One Canadian on the list, Naomi Klein, and not many from the rest of the world. It doesn't matter, except that they should simply announce it as a list of the best mostly American CNF writers. Let's name things correctly, please. But it's a fine list and a great resource. Dive in. The discussion will be interesting too.

Speaking of correctly, I just saw a car advertisement in, of all places, the wild and crazy The Economist. This was the tag line of the ad: LIVE BRILLIANT. Yes. "Live brilliant." Made me want to rip the page out and eat it. I refrained. Also, a website called Flavorwire has listed "The 25 best websites for literature lovers." Oh my god. As if it isn't enough to get the New Yorker every week, plus everything else, now there are 25 sites just to read online about what we should be reading. It's endless.

Speaking of endless, the roofer has been here for days now, doing $4500 worth of roof work. Yes, we just had termites and rebuilt everything from scratch, but that was at the BACK of the house. The new roof is needed at the FRONT. My house is not a house, it's a sieve. Plug one hole and another one opens somewhere else.

I'm supposed to be packing. Am not. Wanted to tell you: my grandson visited today and I did not take a single picture. I'm not getting blasé. It's just that he was feverish and cranky and my arms were full.

Speaking of cranky, here's my stripey
friend enjoying her summer:

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