Wednesday, March 19, 2014

going going …

Last night my back was feeling better but I was afraid a cut on my foot was getting infected. Pre-travel paranoia at its height. So I went to my medicines drawer and got out the antiseptic cream. But since I recently inherited a giant magnifying glass from my mother and have put it in the bathroom, I can now read the expiry dates on things. So I read the expiry date on the cream.

It said EX SEPT 96.

So I guess it had expired.

Luckily I have kept my toe.

In two hours, my friend John arrives to drive me to the Sherbourne subway. It's the most miserable day, not cold, but steel grey, gloomy and raining. There could not be a more perfect day to blow this pop stand. People have been writing and calling to say bon voyage, so kind. My friend Andy just sent the name of the book he uses for exercises for his bad back. Arlene left a message to say she's pre-ordering 12 copies of the book, and Gerry just to say have a great time.

I've taken Carol my tenant through - the mail the phone the plants the people coming to stay the fridge the fuses and Bill the homeless guy, who will stop shovelling and start washing windows any day now. I can see that the bird feeder needs to be filled, will try to get to that. I have weighed my suitcase - 40 pounds. But at least 5 of that is gifts, including a pot of peanut butter for Lynn. So - 35 pounds for a month. Not light, but could be worse. Don't know what I could take out. Not the shoes - 1 pr. boots, sandals and sneakers and two pairs of walking shoes. Okay, I probably don't need both, but they're coming so leave me alone. Got that?

I've said goodbye to my children, eaten the leftovers, put the sheets in the wash, tried to tidy my office without much success. I hope I know where my passport, boarding pass and neck pillow are. And the French plug. And the English one too, for the end of the trip.

At least there's no pussycat to worry about. I'll worry anyway. But not too much, because I'll be eating cheese.

PS Took out the boots! Please remind me of this when it's pouring in London. It's always pouring in London.


  1. Chère Beth, Bon voyage, chanceuse! May your path be sunny, and may your camels spit nothing but dates. Safe travels, mon amie. Bernard.

  2. Merci, mon copain. Tout va bien!