Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Birthday T Dot

It's Toronto's 180th birthday today. And to celebrate, Mother Nature has sent us … some snow. Because what Toronto needs, right now, is a little more snow.

Happy Birthday, dear long-suffering city.

A good article in the Star by Judith Timson about how Hollywood is "no place for old women" - the sad botched faces of Kim Novak and Lisa Minelli at the Oscars as prime examples. On the other hand, Jean-Paul Gaultier used models with real GREY HAIR in his latest runway show. Imagine. By an amazing coincidence, the Gaultier outfit below is just what I'm putting on today - my silver pants, silver boots, silver gloves and my long long silver hair.


  1. Good point. Or high-heeled sneakers? But she's the silver queen, isn't she?