Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the photographer Brassai - "Pour l'amour de Paris" at l'Hotel de Ville

The square outside the Hotel de Ville on the rue de Rivoli used to be a site for public executions. Now there's a manege for children. Much better.  
At the Brassai exhibit, after taking this shot of Brassai's great shot of Simone de Beauvoir working at Les Deux Magots in 1946, I was told photos were not allowed. So this is illegal. And lovely.
Wonderful photographs of Paris life through the decades, especially night life. He knew everyone.
The walk home on a cool grey day.
A humble little Parisian clock.  
L'eglise Saint Severin, near Notre Dame, built in the early 16th century. Someone was playing the organ, and the place was nearly empty. Glorious.
Came across this statue of Claude Bernard. I live on a street named after him, whoever he was. I'll Google.
Second prize for the best Traditional French Baguette in the City of Paris in 2010! Imagine! And close by. But I already have a favourite bakery and will be loyal.
My absolute favourite flowers - ranunculus. Renoncules, in French. 

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