Monday, March 3, 2014

to tweet or not to tweet

Grandpa visits. Wonderful to spend time en famille. See the haircut? A big boy now, not a baby.

Yesterday I had a Twitter lesson from my friend the artist Alanna Cavanagh, who has designed the perfect cover of my book - can't wait to show it to you, but it's not quite finished. I didn't see the point of Twitter, but she has helped me enter the 21st century. So during the Oscars when Ellen kept joking about Twitter, I had an inkling, at least, of what she was talking about. Don't hold your breath waiting for my tweets, however. Alanna said that according to her demographic - artists in their 30's and 40's - blogs are on their way out. But ol' Glamma here will just keep chugging along. I'm happy to tell you that according to Google Analytics, more than 700 people check out this blog 3 times a month. WELCOME!

This is all about publicizing the book, when the time comes. Alanna also got me started on MailChimp, which allows you to email large numbers of people. So I spent the Oscars entering student emails into MailChimp. Never ever watch the Oscars without something to do; that way madness lies. I entered 200 addresses, Lupita won and made the most moving speech of the night - though Jared's was good too, and Cate, who, in a dress seemingly made of crystal, paid tribute to the theatre. We wait for those few tiny moments of meaning and truth in a vast sea of overdone ball gowns. I found it particularly shallow and meaningless last night. Ellen could have been hosting a barbecue for a few not very close friends.

Question: is it possible there's a woman in the world more luminous and beautiful than Angelina Jolie? I don't think so. Penelope Cruz, perhaps. I was glad "Twelve Years" won, and Alfonso who looks like a great guy. Was furious they didn't even SHOW THE FACE of Jean-Marc Vallée the Canadian director of the wonderful "Dallas Buyers Club."

In the end - MEH. That's what I would have tweeted, if I were a tweeting kind of person. I did check my Twitter account, though, and Jian, from Alanna's demographic, was tweeting up a storm.

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