Sunday, March 23, 2014

Saturday - grandparents and "Her"

My friends Skyping with their daughter Sarah, who lives in Kathmandu, and her 3 children. Is this not the universal photo of grandparents? Except that the kids are on a screen not in the room. Lynn, incidentally, is wearing a Pierre Cardin top and Anne Klein jacket I brought her from my second-hand store Doubletake. Most of Denis's wardrobe comes from there. They pay for this service in cheese.

On Saturday, besides Skyping, we had a quiet day because it was pouring with rain. Lynn and I went to see the much-lauded film "Her" which was playing two blocks away and disappointed us both - an interesting premise buried in self-indulgent directing, way too long and sentimental. And then we had a long dinner with a mutual friend. Guess what? Believe it or not, we ate and drank and talked! Imagine that.

When I get to Paris, I'm going to take a rest and not eat anything. 

For at least ten minutes.

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