Friday, March 28, 2014

old friends

My friend is here! Ma belle Lynn, my friend since 1967, has come to spend the weekend with me in Paris. She had lunch first with Brian, a Canadian schoolmate she's known since grade one who was visiting Paris - we all met later at famous Shakespeare and Company and he took this. Lots more pictures and stories for you, but Lynn and I are talking and eating and that's it for now. She gave me that lovely fuschia scarf, by the way, bought in Kathmandu. The necklace she is wearing - a long story. She had one like it that I loved, so for my 50th birthday, she found another and gave it to me. But then hers was stolen. And then recently more of her jewelry was stolen, and in the meantime, I'd inherited two silver chains from my mother, one of which, in fact, I had given her. So I gave the necklace Lynn gave me back to her. For now. Long story, as I said. Great bookstore.

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