Tuesday, March 1, 2016

down the rabbit hole

Much much snow falling; the city is beautiful, muffled, soft. I was going to go for a walk and jump in snowdrifts, but I ended up watching TV all evening instead. Now that I have more channels, like Documentary and HBO, I'm becoming a junkie - good stuff, but still, I'm lying on the sofa much more than usual. Tonight a doc about Mavis Staples - fantastic, I want to be Mavis Staples when I grow up. Last night, two docs simultaneously - one on Ronald Reagan, which helped me understand more about the man and the era, and "He named me Malala," about that extraordinary young woman attacked by the Taliban.

And that is without what's on the computer. Why go out ever again? I'll just stay in here and rot.

No. Work to do. And I'll get to it. But now it's 11. Time for the Daily Show.

HELP!! I've been kidnapped by technology!

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