Monday, March 28, 2016

7.30 a.m. Easter Monday

Perhaps I will tire eventually of the view from Bruce's armchair. But I doubt it.

This morning Chris and I are going to walk the seawall, and tonight, dinner with Margaret and other old friends. It's a hard life. Just checked FB - my kids, alive and well, what joy. And got this email from my tenant Carol; last term's student, Mimi, had bought a copy of "Finding the Jewish Shakespeare" for her mother...

Mimi picked up her new copy of The Jewish Shakespeare for her mother to give her uncle. He wanted to borrow her copy of the book, but she would not relinquish it. Mimi's mother is 95 and she is enchanted by the story of Jacob Gordin. Her own mother used to tell her stories about him and she says the book fills gaps and links her memory to new information. She is especially impressed by the extensive research that went into the book.

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