Tuesday, March 22, 2016


 English Bay just outside Bruce's apartment
 The view just now from his balcony
His tulips.

This is the most beautiful city in the world, surely. I think I've said that before. There has been a great deal of rain, but today was sunny and stunning. The flight was painless; I watched two movies I'd wanted to see, always a plus: "The Big Short," which was superb and horrifying in equal measure - a must see, a fantastic film with a vital story to tell - and "Remember," an Atom Egoyan film starring Christopher Plummer, a very good film.

Dear Margaret was there to meet me, and what a drive it was into town with those snow-tipped mountains all around and spring exploding, cherry blossoms, magnolias, forsythia - so gorgeous. Bruce's friend Alex was waiting with the key, and here I am, chez Bruce in the most magnificent location imaginable - right on the water. I unpacked and bought groceries and walked and even played a little on Bruce's piano. Supper with a glass of wine sitting in my host's battered chair by the sliding glass door, looking at the ocean, boats, birds, the sunset on its way.

I'm very glad to be here. Brucie, I see by the itinerary he left, is in Venice today. Almost as good.

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