Wednesday, March 16, 2016

new exhibition on Yiddish theatre in NYC

Thrilling - an exhibit about the Yiddish theatre just opened at the Museum of the City of NY, including, of course, much about my great-grandfather Jacob Gordin. When I heard about it, I found the email address of the curator, Edna Nashon, and wrote to ask if she was including the bronze bust of Gordin, which my grandmother donated to the Museum.  I saw it often in my grandparents' front hall. She wrote back:

The Gordin bust is featured prominently. Of course!
I have your beautiful book.  It's a delight!
I'd love to meet when you come to New York. It'll be an honor.

So - a trip to NYC, probably in early July, to see the exhibit, meet Ms. Nashon, and visit my relatives Cousin Ted, Cousin Lola - who's 94 - and others. And see theatre and visit museums. Yay!

Here's a NYT article about the exhibit, mentioning, of course, my main man:

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