Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The Stanley Park seawall is 9 kilometres of gorgeousness, and Chris and I walked it yesterday, jabbering the whole way as is our wont. I stopped to admire a thick bent cedar which it turned out is one of his favourite trees too. We are soulmates. Despite the fact that he's a lunatic and I am wise and serene, we are soulmates.
And we saw a man swimming. I was wearing my usual 12 layers, the air was chilly despite the sun and the water was freezing, but he was swimming.

A gourmet lunch at Chris's - leftovers from our gourmet dinner, he is such a good cook! - and then home to rest before going out to feast again, this time with old friends Margaret and Roy. As a special treat, Allison and Monty and their daughter Claire were there too. Allison was the designer for the Arts Club Theatre while I worked there - she's designing there still - so we go back 40 years as colleagues and friends. Allison's other daughter has two young sons. Since we last met, impossible as it is to believe, we've both turned into grandmothers. I know. Surreal.

Today, R and R - which includes practicing on Bruce's piano - until meeting up soon with Chris; he is making challah specially for our aperitif - champagne and challah - and then out for a Lebanese meal before the theatre tonight. How much more of this can I stand? How soon before I have to buy a pair of much larger pants? 

Here's my new favourite word - can't get enough apricity:



noun: Warmth of the sun; basking in the sun.

From Latin apricari (to bask in the sun). Earliest documented use: 1623.

“As he stood in the sunshine, apricity began to cover him like a wool sweater.”
Ryan Patrick Sullivan; Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow; Trafford; 2014.

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