Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Lady in the Van

 The floatplane from Vancouver to Victoria entered a fog patch and all the windows, including the pilot's at the front, were sheer white, visibility zero. Eventually the clouds parted ...
...and there were islands in the mist.
The gorgeous Munro's Books in downtown Victoria, founded originally by Alice and her husband. Stained glass, murals, space, tons of heavenly books.

A great reunion with Lani and her beloved Maurice, who've rented a house on the water here for the winter. Lani drove from Stratford with Bourbon, the most beautiful and wise dog ever, and will start the drive back on Sunday, just in time for a huge storm back east. It was drizzling all day here. Lan and I walked around Victoria and went to see "The Lady in the Van." I'd thought it would be a celebration of Maggie Smith, which is certainly is, but it's so much more than that, a fabulous film about loyalty, kindness, the power of music, the difficulties of writing, and, once again, the destructive power of the Catholic church. Lan and I adored this film and recommend it highly.

Today - grey, less drizzle. I'm happy. There's a dog.


  1. Three cheers for everything you said in this posting. Loved all the photos. Hosting visitors from Vancouver at the moment, with a friendship history dating back to 1969. Touring Zurich with them in the rain, and finishing off the day with my friend's adult son playing my vinyl version of Joni Mitchell's "Hejira". Not all of this is relevant to your comments on sundry issues ... I hope you'll indulge me here for a minute, Beth.

  2. How great, Alan - there's nothing like old friends. Lani and I only go back to 1975. And - my grandson said the other day, "Glamma, put on one of the big CD's." He meant a record.