Saturday, October 4, 2014

a happy camper

Sitting by a blazing wood stove in Petite Riviere after a day in the glorious red and gold woods by the water. I have tons of photos which I managed to download - to something called ImageBrowser Ex, from which I cannot move them. They're supposed to be in Pictures, not in whatever it is. So until I go to a camera store or find someone who can help, I cannot show the beauty of my experiences here to you - except for these few, below, on my phone.

Right now I need to go and eat another superb dinner with a fantastic Nova Scotian wine, so I can't write more. But know that this is a fine, fine place and I cannot wait to come back. More anon.
Click to enlarge.
Tom by the porch of their house, which is in front of their gallery.
Frenchy's, famous second hand clothing emporium. My kind of store.
Westcote Bell Pottery's Vaughan and Jacqueline in LaHave, Nova Scotia - beautiful stuff. Check it out on-line: And below is, Tom and Peter's beautiful gallery, full of joyful colour, skill and fun. So you can see these. But no leaves. No leaves!

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