Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halifax redux

Friend Brucie suggested downloading manually from the camera - I'd tried it before, but this time it worked! Here are a few of the Nova Scotia shots. Click to enlarge. 
 A lobster roll. Divine. $6.00.
 The dahlia festival at the Halifax Public Gardens.
Point Pleasant Park.
I'm sorry, couldn't resist - there are no red squirrels in Ontario.
The Scarecrow Festival in Mahone Bay - Little Red Riding Hool


  1. There are red squirrels in Ontario, Beth. A family of them live at my brother's in Burlington. Many people mistake them for chipmunks (we have them as well). Those little squirrels are incredibly fierce. Lani

  2. There are red squirrels in Bon Echo Provincial Park, and in areas of Ontario like that. They've got big time attitude - don't try to feed them like a chipmunk. I met someone who got a good bite from one!