Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beth and books at the ZoomerShow Oct. 25

Fantastic news! With the help of Michelle Melski, book publicist, I am going to have a table at the ZoomerShow on Saturday October 25 (and perhaps Sunday Oct. 26, depending on how Saturday goes). They graciously allowed this humble writer a much reduced price - plus ten free books as giveaways. Deal!

It's a giant fair featuring everything of interest to people of a certain age, to do with health and wealth, food, travel and recreation - and, in one little corner, food for the mind. Both my books are of particular interest, I think, to people of my Baby Boom generation, who were there in the Sixties for the Beatles and are now interested in writing their memoirs.

Come visit me there - and see the free Beatles' tribute band at noon either day - and the Abba, Neil Sedaka and BeeGees tribute bands also.  I'll let you know where my booth will be as soon as I find out. Tucked in between a funeral home and an assisted living complex, no doubt. LOL.

PS Booth number 1033. Be there or be square.


  1. I REALLY don't want to be square but I don't think I can make it. Will be thinking of you "womaning" your booth. Lani

  2. Thank you, Lan. Wish you could be there - though of course you're much too young to appreciate what it's all about.