Sunday, October 5, 2014

right some good

I'm at the airport waiting to board. This morning on the way, I kept groaning, weeping to see the beauty around me, even in the rain, and stopped several times by the side of the road to take photos of woods aglow with colour, endless lakes and rivers and pine forests. How proud I am of this country, how glad I am to live here.

The most hospitable people in the world live in Nova Scotia. Everywhere, so friendly - the security line-up here, people chatting away like old friends. Yesterday Peter and I went to visit Heiner and his wife Allison - our families knew each other decades ago in Halifax, and now they live at the end of a long country road outside Lunenburg, on a hill overlooking the sea, in a house of windows surrounded by fields and woods. Unbelievably peaceful and beautiful, though I could not live in such isolation, no matter how glorious, for more than a few days. But then, they'd go mad chez moi.

I must go to the gate. All I can think is - when can I come back? Hopefully when it's not raining? With a camera that downloads?

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