Sunday, October 12, 2014

the Times and writing memoir

Here's an article from the NYT about the rising importance of memoir - woo hoo! If you're interested and need help, you know where to find me - and my new how-to book about writing memoir too.

Appeal of Writing Memoirs Grows, as Do Publishing Options

Mankind's 3 greatest inventions (outside of penicillin, polio vaccines and the like) are the printing press, the microwave (I reheat a lot) and the bicycle. Oh the bicycle. Today is the perfect fall day, hot with an undertone of chill, and I went for a ride, of course, along the Don Valley Trail ...
 ... and walked through Riverdale Farm. If you click, you can just see Rooster, the Clydesdale. And now, to Falstaff at the COC, and then to Thanksgiving dinner with dear friends. A perfect day?

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