Monday, October 27, 2014


And on another exciting front, I just voted. LET'S GET THE BASTARDS OUT! A friend I talked to last night - left-wing, gay, extremely social conscious - said he is very disappointed in Olivia, not just in her wishy-washy campaign but in her vicious attack ads. He was voting for Tory. I told him I was considering it but would find it hard to vote for someone with the name Tory.
"Get over it," he said.

Today I voted John Tory - proudly. Yes, he's a privileged white male who said ambitious women should learn to play golf and that there's no such thing as white privilege. A bit out of touch, a smoothie. But he's a centrist and a very experienced politician who'll be able to steer us with skill through the next while, this poor battered ship that is my city.

Please Lord, make that appalling family go away.


  1. That family will use its money to corrupt/influence a huge part of the population via indirect routes. Do not relax and do not shut up. Lani

  2. Jesus, Lan, I read in the paper today that Doug is considering running to head the Ontario PC party - they do not give up. No shame no rules just win at all costs. So yes, we'll be watching. But I do think their day is OVER. OVEROVEROVEROVEROVER.