Monday, October 27, 2014

Toronto has a new mayor. Praise be.

Only one thing to say: Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

In my class at Ryerson tonight, students checked on the election at the break - it was declared pretty quickly. Even so, there was a shocking moment just after the polls closed when it was close. Close! To try to figure out who those people are, voting for Doug Ford - well, it's hard. But then there we were in writing class, we should be able to imagine someone who wants a Ford to be mayor. But it was beyond all of us.

John Tory just made a good speech, touching all the bases, including predicting that Olivia Chow will continue to make a big contribution to this city. A lot of great people have been elected and re-elected. A fresh start for this wonderful city I love so very much.

As Tabatha Southey put it on Twitter:
John Tory has won. A slight improvement for Toronto. The end of a golden age for humour columnists.

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