Sunday, October 12, 2014

COC's Falstaff

How fortunate I am to live in this crazy city. The opera this afternoon featured a foolish character called Mr. Ford, and there were constant lines like "Mr. Ford is an ox!" I thought they should be shouted out the doors and windows at our very own family of oxen, the "mayor" and his dreadful brother. But despite our appalling leaders, this is a marvellous city. This afternoon I saw an unforgettable production of a magnificent opera by Verdi, written at the end of his life when he was nearly 80 and obviously still full of vitality and humour.

Even better, this "Falstaff" is an almost entirely Canadian production, directed by the amazing Robert Carsen, who set it brilliantly in 50's England with hilarious yet relevant costumes and sets - including a stable with a real horse munching hay - and starring Gerald Finley in a fat suit surrounded by a fantastic cast. It could not have been more enjoyable - really fun, which is not a word generally associated with opera. "Butterfly" was heart-achingly beautiful but hardly fun. This was.

And then I emerged into the rest of the beautiful afternoon and rode home across City Hall plaza in the sun. 

Here's inside the Four Seasons Centre hall last night ...
and the lobby at today's intermission. It's a beautiful, simple warm building and hall. Lucky us.

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