Thursday, October 23, 2014

So True stories, Sunday

We just had a rehearsal for our reading event on Sunday, and at the end, Jason said, This is our strongest group of stories yet. Well, I'm not sure, because the last two groups of stories were pretty damn strong. But there are wonderful tales to be heard on Sunday. Eight students reading powerful and beautiful true stories, and then little old me.

That is, if I have a voice. I'm a bit better but still croaking and snuffling. Phooey. Come anyway. I'm very proud of these writers. God knows what I'll come up with.

The best $10 show you'll ever see.

Our country is recovering from its horrible shock of yesterday, and coming to terms with the fact that the shooting was not a revolution, not an armed group of vicious terrorists - it was one crazy man living in a homeless shelter. The shooting a few days ago - one very disturbed young man. Yet the tragic disasters perpetrated by these lunatics will cost our country billions in new security precautions, and perhaps result also in a loss of civil rights. Yes, there was the heart-warming spectacle of politicians praising our great country in unison. But tomorrow, they'll be whipping up hysteria and paranoia, which win elections.

We are at war. We have just sent planes to drop bombs on people somewhere far away. How hypocritical to be surprised when violence erupts on our front door, even if it's not a jihadist plot, it's just a crazy man with a very big gun.

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