Saturday, October 25, 2014

remembering what's important

Please forgive the self-pity in the last post. Boo hoo, the writer actually had to sit at a table and try to sell her wares. After posting, I went for a walk at the end of this beautiful fall day and passed a memorial outside Riverdale Farm honouring Stella, a 3-year old Cabbagetowner who died of cancer a few years ago and who has a bench and a tree in the park in her name. She must have died at this time of year. The stone at the foot of the tree is inscribed, "Mummy misses her girl." My heart broke.

Click to enlarge.

And now I'm listening to Randy Bachman, who led off his show with two of the best songs in the universe, Teenage Wasteland and I'll Follow the Sun. Bliss.

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