Wednesday, December 2, 2015

a damp grey beauty

A stunningly beautiful city, even in the rain. And the rain has come.

Walking and ferries yesterday - I adore the little ferries that shuttle across False Creek. I strolled a bit through Stanley Park and then went back to wander around Granville Island, then took another little ferry to the Maritime Museum in Kitsilano, walking along the beach to Tara's house. She is completely housebound and immobile, so I brought lunch and we spent the afternoon talking. She is not only a fascinating person in her own right, her husband is Canada's iconic scientist and environmental leader, and their house is phenomenal, full of First Nations artifacts from Canada and around the world, piles of books and music and fascinating things. It's not often, when you sit chatting with a dear friend, that she mentions her visits with the Dalai Lama or a tribe in South America. Riveting. Write it, I keep telling her. Tell the stories.
Heron's nests in Stanley Park
The West End from Kitsilano Beach
A plane tree.
An afternoon of talk watching the rain through the picture window, and then back downtown to Chris's cosy apartment where his electric fire was burning and we sat yammering endlessly once again. Bruce came over and rather than go out into the dark rain, we ordered Indian takeout and reminisced about the trip to India the 3 of us took some years ago. I laughed till the tears ran.

Today, more rain. The Art Gallery with Bruce, lunch with him and Chris, a walk if it's not too wet, then a special birthday dinner for Chris, my treat. Tomorrow - hard as it is to believe - Hawaii. It says 24 degrees. What means this?


  1. It's a beautiful city, even in the rain. But Hawaii, in sunlight? Wow. Enjoy every minute.

  2. I will struggle to do so, Theresa. Stay tuned.