Monday, December 7, 2015

another dreadful crowded beach

Your intrepid explorers set out at 9 a.m. for Barking Sands Beach on the west coast, until we realized from the guidebook that it's no longer accessible because of U.S. military installations. (The US military is the biggest employer on this island.) So we went a bit further and found Polihale State Park, the only downside being nearly 5 miles of deeply rutted dirt road - a long slow drive - to get there. Which may explain why this incredible beach was nearly deserted. Also impossible to swim, the current was so strong. There were two amazing surfers. And us mermaids.
looking one way
looking straight on
mermaid #1
looking the other way
 A magnificent old monkey pod on the way out, with the mountains in the background
The nightmare road. But we made it. Explored the little town of Hanapepe on the way back - a bookstore! We fell on it like starving wolves. And now Penny is in the pool having a scuba lesson.


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