Saturday, December 5, 2015

botanical gardens

Today, we visited the National Tropical Botanical Gardens, specifically the Allerton Garden which is part of it. Lots of interesting plants. I have notes which I will share when there's time. But in the meantime, pictures. Click to enlarge.
 The view from our balcony, one way.
 Our tour group - two Canadians from Winnipeg, Penny and our guide.
 Allerton was a very wealthy man who created a fancy and very interesting garden with fountains and sculptures. Here's Penny with a mermaid.
 The most important bush in the world - cacao!
 That's a cacao pod! Be still my beating heart.
The Georgie O'Keefe/Emily Carr roots of the banyan trees
ribbons of root - fantastic
 Penny and I nestled in the banyan. Jurassic Park was shot on this island and these trees were featured.
A typical hideous little cove on the south coast

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