Friday, December 25, 2015

done and done

 Last night's pageant- too bad you can't see that beautiful couple with their baby, not to mention the animals on all sides
Today's pageant - two tired celebrants
One not tired at all - about to begin - that's a sled behind him, so he's ready if there's ever snow again
 new slippers
 two hours later: general chaos, and one tall man reading his new book on the sofa amidst the mess. Then he went back to bed. Notice: grandsons in matching Xmas sleepers.
the aftermath
 After all that - the toy he played with most was a small shovel. This is the weather Xmas morning!
Best gift of all - starting today, Ben gets to take his boots and bar off nine hours a day. His feet are normal. Amazing - in only five months, they corrected one foot that was completely sideways, and he didn't even notice. Thank you, Sick Kids and everyone involved, including his conscientious mother.

And then a massive meal, massive, ridiculous, cooking all day, dishes up the wazoo, children keeping us busy, the house upside down, everyone exhausted - are we lucky, or what?

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