Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Anne Lamott in Toronto

I have read a huge number of books about creative writing; one of my all-time favourites remains "Bird by Bird," by Anne Lamott. She's blindingly honest, personable, funny - and a very good writer.

So I imagine she's a good speaker too, and I'm going to find out in May of next year when she comes to speak in Toronto, sponsored by the Henri Nouwen Society. Nouwen was a deeply spiritual man, a priest and a writer; Lamott will speak about her own faith, and, I hope, about her own creativity. I urge you, if you're in Toronto and interested in writing or in life, to get a ticket to this event.



  1. She is such a beautiful writer. Her novels -- wonderful and messy. And I loved Some Assembly Required, about her son's child and the negotiations around his first year of life -- again, messy and real and very funny.

  2. I agree, Theresa - and her honestly. You feel you're sitting at the kitchen table with her - the mark of a wonderful writer.