Tuesday, December 8, 2015

another day older in Paradise

Whale watching - or as we call it, said the pilot, sea watching. That's what I did this morning - watch the sea. I went on a 3-hour whale watching trip on the west coast of the island, setting out at 9.30. Five minutes into our journey, there was a tall humpback whale spout, then a broad black back, a magnificent tail out of the water and then splashing under. Absolutely thrilling - tears in my eyes.

And that was it. Later we saw dolphins leaping near the boat, and the pilot caught a small tuna which did not make me happy, I moved away to avoid looking at that - and later we saw a spout in the distance and went toward it. But the whales were shy today. I was very happy to be on the boat in the sun and to leave the whales alone, to tell you the truth. Though I had a pretty queasy stomach by the time we got back. I'm not a great sailor.
Nick the guide
This is what Captain Cook saw in the 1780's when he first approached this beautiful island. This west coast is where he landed. I wonder why he ever left.

The group was very jolly, all Americans, and there was much chatter. I sat at the back to settle my stomach and also to listen to the waves and the wind. Glad I went, even though we didn't see much.

Penny went for a hike in the meantime, picked me up at 12.30 and we went back to Hanapepe and Koloa, our favourite town, for groceries and a wander, marvelling at what people will try to sell to tourists - a man selling very expensive huge crystal singing bowls, beautiful, but who wants to put a huge singing bowl in a suitcase? Here are some of the orchids on offer at the small grocery store:
And here is one of the proud denizens of this fine island, one of hundreds with magnificent plumage strutting about:
We found nearby Poipu beach and suffered through a sit in the sun and some swimming:
My stomach is still queasy but we're going to go across the road for a bite to eat and to watch the sunset. Last night we went out at 9 to find a dark spot to stargaze. Fresh fruit, the sun, the water - who needs whales?


  1. Captain Cook didn't actually leave under his own power.

    1. I must check my history books - I sense a story.

  2. You and your pilot must have super powers!! From Hawaii, the closest sea for you to see is the South China Sea—but I could be wrong because I have not done careful calculations. On the other hand, you are surrounded by OCEAN. The Pacific is an ocean and not a sea, my dear Ms Kaplan. Tell your pilot.

  3. Picky picky. Lots of water.