Thursday, December 3, 2015


Very civilized - having a nice glass of wine in a classy wine bar at the Vancouver airport, here really early as usual, less stress that way. I was going to walk in the park today but it was pouring this morning, so I just stayed in my room and stared at my computer, I confess, went out for a quick brekkie, then to Chris's with my two suitcases, the big one I'm leaving with him, the small one I'm taking with me. He and I had our usual intense talk and visit, and I got to stroke the beautiful Leon. Chris walked me to the subway which zipped me out to the airport. And here I am.

Here I am. Why am I here? I feel older. When I was young, I never questioned the why of travel - just because it was important to get out and see stuff. But now - why leave my house and bed and routine? Because it's just as important to get out and see stuff. Just harder. I am feeling rootless, solitary, a tiny molecule bouncing around in the universe.

An infinitely lucky molecule - with such family and friends, such interesting stories, and now more adventures to come leading to MORE STORIES. Who could ask for more? There was a haunting these last days, my past swirling around - though sometimes she seems so far away, that young woman - 24 when she moved to this city, 32 when she moved away, back east. I'm glad to be going to a place where I have no past and will be with my friend Penny who's from Sheffield, about as far from Kauai, Hawaii, as you can get.

A six hour flight ahead. After this nice glass, I might even doze. This molecule is on her way. Talk to you anon.

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