Saturday, December 26, 2015

moving right along

Okay, yes, here I am, and it seems that I am blogging - but only BRIEFLY, not just because I swore to take a break, but because I'm exhausted and still have lots to do. Why do people call this the holidays when they're the most exhausting days of the year? Wonderful but wearing, especially for the hostess.

Tomorrow Anna, Eli, Ben and I are off to Ottawa to visit Auntie Do, who will be 96 next year, still lives alone and drives and often wins at Scrabble. A blessing. And if we actually get there - freezing rain is predicted, travel advisory alert - we'll also see my brother and his family; he is the new owner of the salmon smokery and high end food emporium La Boucanerie de Chelsea, just down the road from his house on the Quebec side, so we are sure to eat some good smoked salmon. Do plays Scrabble on Sunday afternoons - I'd forgotten - and will have no time for us tomorrow. So we'll go to Chelsea and hope to catch a glimpse of her on Monday and Tuesday. We're home Wednesday evening, in time for New Year's Eve. Which, as usual, I will ignore.

Wayson came for leftover Xmas dinner, and while we chatted after eating, I took down the tree and put it outside for some Ukrainians to take away for their festivities in January. Hooray! And then I made a vast turkey soup. Will be distributing it far and wide as there isn't enough room for it in my freezer. If you want some, please get in touch.

Much love to you all, happy end of 2015, looking forward to a sparkling new year. 2015 was pretty damn great - a new grandson and Justin Trudeau.

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